Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palin, Me and the Christian Coalition newsletter

Thanks to Don Thomson of the Westmoreland County Christian Coalition for mentionting me in the September newsletter. The Christian Coalition meets the 2nd tuesday of every month. I can never attend the meetings because my kids always have me hauling them somewhere or my wife has her Greater Latrobe School Board meeting. It is a good way to get involved in conservative causes without becoming a member of the republican committee. That means you won't get kicked out for supporting a prolife candidate for state represenative like Mike O'Barto simply because he is a democrat. Here is the piece from Don's newsletter:
Up to that point I was favoring Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal as a bright young face with truly conservative views. His strong handling of the evacuation process in advance of Hurricane Gustav’s arrival raised his stock in my opinion, but no one had him on the short list as the GOP convention neared. But then came Friday morning, August 29th and from my rented beach house at Topsail Beach, NC, I heard the rumors that Sarah Palin was to be the nominee. At first I thought I had been out in the sun too long but it was only 9AM! As the day unfolded and her conservative credentials were being touted, I became more and more impressed with her being chosen. I must admit I had never heard of Sarah Palin until I conducted my informal Presidential and Vice Presidential poll in January of this year. From the more than 150 responses our members submitted, ONE person mentioned Sarah Palin for VP and had to explain that she was current governor of Alaska. I might say that person was Perry Christopher, former Westmoreland County GOP Chairman, who must have had a clear crystal ball that day!

No crystal ball. I'm just a genius:)

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