Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great night for John McCain and Sarah Palin

Fred Thompson really did a fantastic job at showing the country that John McCain is a leader far superior to Barack Obama.

Joe Lieberman performed a most difficult task very well. He tried to get the american people to forget about party and vote for the best leader--John McCain. He gave an excellent and heart felt speech. I hope those who want to kick me out of the Westmoreland Republican Committee were watching Lieberman's speech. Sometimes, you have to vote for the more experienced candidate just as I am doing by supporting Mike O'Barto for state rep in the 59th district.

Sarah Palin is going to weather this storm just fine. The media and the left are over-reaching and will only bolster her popularity. If you are a reader of US Weekly, stop now. Just wait until you see the cover with Palin. The headline is ridiculous!

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