Friday, September 26, 2008

Busy night last night.

Elizabeth, my daughter--not the extraordinary political genius Elizabeth Yorio, had piano and other music lessons in Greensburg from 7 pm to 8:30 pm last night. So eventhough I had injured my leg earlier in the day, I went running in downtown Greensburg which has great hills to train on. The run sucked, but I saw and met interesting people.

Bompiani was having a fundraiser at The Palace Theatre. Doesn't look like he could have raised all that much money from the looks of things.

Tom Balya was standing out in front of the Obama headquarters. He is a partisan guy and his writings seem a bit "angry" at times, but he was very pleasant to have a conversation with. He introduced me to John Boyle who is running against my friend Tim Krieger. There was lots of activity going on inside the Obama headquarters. FYI, McCain will win Westmoreland by at least 25,000 votes.

Stopped by the Westmoreland GOP headquarters. Lots of calling was going on there. Picked up some McCain stickers. I met the guy who was being talked about on the other "Westmoreland Republicans" site. He seemed nice and capable. I also know the girl who is being talked about on that site and she is pretty awesome. I would want her involved in any campaign I was in. I only mention this because my name was mentioned on that site. I want to make certain that people know I like the girl who is being discussed on the site very much. She is intelligent and very capable. Physically, the description attributed to her is just not accurate.

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