Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Maybe you could get a bigger room...?!

McCain/Palin training session in Greensburg limited to executive board of the Westmoreland County Republican Committee. From the official site:
Wednesday, 09-10-08 Headquarters in Greensburg. 8pm. A McCain training session hosted by Sara Kennedy and she will have with her Ted Christian, The PA State Chair for the McCain Campaign, this should be interesting and informative. Again lets show them we're all committed in our county. Maybe then the next western PA visit from John or Sarah will be in our backyard.This is for the executive board as of room size constraints
I believe for Bush/Cheney'04 we found a bigger room. With all the excitement over the ticket, I think a more inclusive meeting would be wise and of course--A BIGGER ROOM. Let's attract those independents, democrats and republicans who may not be on the executive board or the committee who work like crazy to be at the training session. Remember, our ticket is the ticket of change and crossparty appeal. Our ticket is the ticket reaching out to everyone. The McCain/Palin ticket is the team that is not politics as usual.

I suggest if you want to get heavily involved in the McCain/Palin campaign, just show up at the meeting. Unless they are nuts, they will welcome you to stay. For those that were heavily involved in the Santorum campaign or the last presidential election and have been waiting eagerly for an organizational meeting, I would just go to this meeting.

Just my opinion, but remember they are thinking about kicking me out because I support Unity Township Supervisor Mike O'Barto for state represenative in the 59th. Like Joe Lieberman, I can put party aside for the betterment of my country and state. Mike O'Barto has the experience, independence and integrity to go to Harrisburg and be an agent of change and reform. A less experienced candidate would be eaten alive by the career politicians and lobbyists in Harrisburg.

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