Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Media coverage of Palin unfair?

I would have to say this is a difficult question to answer. The answer is probably not unfair, but typical. As we saw with Jamie Lynn Spears, the press is all over these sort of stories. It is worth noting that the McCain campaign did see fit to put one of the Spears sisters in one of their anti-Obama ads. They are celebrities now and we have a wierd celebrity worshipping culture. Just look at all the stupid magazines out their: People, US and the rest.

I believe it is fair that the american people know that she is pregnant and that she is keeping the baby and marrying the father. I believe that is admirable. It is part of her story. The campaign has made her family a big issue of why she is a great choice. The whole "hockey mom" thing. This is part of that narrative. I think the Palins have handled this well with their daughter and it should not adversely affect anyone's opinion of them. Beyond that, I don't think this should be a campaign issue.

I think Obama was fantastic for immediately putting this off limits in the campaign. However, I don't think many in the GOP would do him the same courtesy. Proof of this: The stupidity of the continuation of calling him a muslim. He has accepted Jesus Christ as his lord and saviour. As christians, we don't question whether someone really means it. We welcome them into the family of christians. In this instance, Obama has shown he is a good christian man in how he is dealing with this issue.

All this being said, I think proponents of abstinence only sex education should re-evaluate their position and work to teach sex education in a responsible way which teaches abstinence but also gives kids the knowledge to protect themselves.

I still remain convinced that Sarah Palin is an excellent choice for VP. A real person who can identify with the real problems that people have. While on the subject of family problems, I don't know if I could have done as well with what life gave Joe Biden. I couldn't imagine had my wife and youngest daughter been killed in an accident leaving me alone to raise my two oldest girls. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Joe Biden in how he handled that horrible situation. Both of the VP picks are good, strong people.

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