Friday, October 31, 2008

News flash (or in the obvious department)

Tom Balya and Tom Ceraso don't have much nice to say about Kim Ward. Isn't that shocking?

Newspaper endorses Mike O'Barto

"In the race for the 59th District, which includes a small portion of Fayette County, the Herald-Standard editorial board solidly endorses Democrat Mike O'Barto over Republican Mike Reese.

We think voters in Saltlick Township and two Bullskin Township precincts should support O'Barto because the 15-year Unity Township, Westmoreland County, supervisor has working knowledge of how decisions made in Harrisburg impact local government.

Reese, an assistant financial director for Westmoreland County and one-time aide to former county Commissioner Terry Marolt, has some good-sounding ideas. But so does O'Barto, who doesn't sound like he's reading straight from the GOP issues playbook, as does Reese.

In the race to succeed retiring Republican state Rep. Jess Stairs, we want someone who displays more of a passion for getting the job done and shaking up the status quo in Harrisburg, while governing with the working person in mind.O'Barto strikes us as the better pick in that regard."

Herald-Standard 10/29/2008

Total insanity in the 39th Senate Race

The money being spent is ridiculous. Check out the story in the Trib.

If I didn't like Kim, I would protest the race and not vote, but I like her, so I will vote.

From this morning's Tribune Review

• Rep. Tom Tangretti's decision to retire in the 57th Legislative District presents an opportunity to elect a fiscal reformer. Veteran U.S. Navy officer and attorney Tim Krieger, 47, fully understands what Harrisburg's recidivist reckless spending, bogus "economic development" and flight-encouraging tax policies have wrought. Democrat challenger John Boyle offers the same old Democrat boilerplate. Elect Tim Krieger.

I am voting for McCain, but...

this whole Joe the plumber thing is really turning me off. Why on earth is he speaking at McCain rallies?

I think people lose site of the fact that if you reach a higher tax bracket, only that portion of income in the higher bracket is taxed at the higher rate--not your entire income. If Joe the plumber doesn't want to buy his "business" because a portion of his net (not gross, but net and I don't think he understands this) will be taxed at an additional 3%, his business was never going to make it anyway.

I am certain to vote for McCain after listening to the arguments of former GE CEO Jack Welch, not Joe the plumber.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reese/O'Barto race in the 59th house district

Wow! I think I have now received 10 Mike Reese mailers to 1 Mike O'Barto mailer. Most of the pieces are distorted negative bits about the 1997 overtime pay for the supervisors. Since 1997, the practice has been fixed. O'Barto has been overwhelmingly re-elected by Unity residents. Obviously, the people who know Mike O'Barto the best, like him.

The pieces also have some trumped up scandal about having the public meetings at 7PM instead of 4:30PM. That is laughable. The meeting is public. Open to the press. How can you hide something? Since the state house meets during the day, are they trying to hide something? Is Mike Reese (not really Mike Reese, but the House GOP who are writing his ads) going to propose that the House only meets after 5PM so working folks can attend and keep an eye on them? That is the most ludicrous argument I have ever heard. (Actually the false rumor about Obama taking oath on the Quaran beats that) But, if you can outspend your opponent 10-1, does the validity of your argument really matter? I guess Mike O'Barto knows how John McCain feels at the moment with the massive campaign fund disadvantage.

I thought for a minute about running for this seat. I didn't because I didn't want to be in Harrisburg and a way from my wife and kids. I also didn't because I thought Mike O'Barto would make a great state representative. Had I known the house was going to drastically outspend him with outlandish and distorted negative ads, I may have run.

Nah, I wouldn't. I have too much honor to trash a man in public like that for my own personal gain. Hopefully, the public will see through all the mudslinging.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tim Krieger for State Representative

Don't forget to vote for Tim Krieger or tell others to!

By the way, Tim had a picnic fundraiser and it was really good. He had a really good guy playing guitar and singing. He also had a mini violin recital by his kids' violin class. I hope Tim wins so he can have more picnics.

Sarah Palin in Latrobe on Friday!

Road to Victory Rally with Sarah Palin-Latrobe, PA
Arnold Palmer Regional Airport
Vee Neal Aviation
148 Aviation Ln.Suite 109
Latrobe, PA 15650
Friday, October 31st
Doors Open: 6:30am

Get your tickets at:
Westmoreland County Victory Office
23 North Maple St
Greensburg, PA 15601
Hours: 9am – 9pm Daily

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Olivia and Obama

Olivia, my daughter, not the pig, use to love Barack Obama. I went away to Las Vegas for the weekend and left her with my mom and dad. She likes John McCain now. I think my dad got to her. So, she won't be putting her Obama sign out.

I am Spartacus!

After seeing that silly "I am Joe the Plumber" commercial, I am reminded of the end of Spartacus.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have to say that I am proud not to be associated with...

the PAGOP any longer. All they know how to do is send out negative ads. I received another negative mailer about Mike O'Barto today. Using ancient 1997 news articles from the Tribune-Review, the negative folks at the Reese campaign and the PAGOP are trying to paint Mike O'Barto as something he is not. I warned O'Barto about this. I told him they would try to distort this and tie him to the Harrisburgh pay raisers and insiders.

Look folks, you can't trust any politician that uses Harrisburg insider money to buy his way into office with negative ads. That is what Mike Reese is doing right now.

I use to hope the would Republicans take back the Pennsylvania House. Now, I don't care. To me, they will say anything or spend anything to win. I hope the PAGOP is spending this money on a true leader. Someone we really need in Harrisburg--Tim Krieger. I don't live in that district so I haven't gotten any of that mail. I am going to check into that.

Very sad news!

Westmoreland County Commissioner Kim Ward, a Republican candidate for state Senate, temporarily suspended her campaign on Monday because of the death of her father.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Just got my latest mailer (2) in the Ward/Bompiani mudfest of a state senate race. I have to agree. ENOUGH! already, but for a different reason. Please focus on the future instead of mudslinging.

I also received Mike Reese's typical negative piece about Mike O'Barto. I warned O'Barto months ago that they would use this piece of ancient history as a negative ad. Mike O'Barto inherited that overtime issue when he was elected supervisor. He fixed the problem. The important fact to notice is that Mike O'Barto has been re-elected by large margins in Unity Township.

The other part of Reese's negative ad focuses on moving the supervisors' meeting from 4:30pm to 7:00pm. Again, O'Barto was just one of 3 votes. When Jake Blank was elected, the votes were there to change the meeting. I have to say this particular piece is the dumbest most inane negative attack I have ever seen.

The funniest thing about Reese's negative ad is that it is paid for by the folks who were in power when the midnight pay raise was passed. During the whole pay raise scandal, I did not hear a peep out of Mike Reese. In the governor's race that year, Bob Jubelier and the rest of the GOP establishment that supported the pay raise were pushing Lynn Swann for Governor. The only candidate with the guts to take on the pay raise establishment was Bill Scranton. Mike Reese did not support Bill. Mike Reese did not speak out against the pay raise. Mike Reese simply sat back and supported the pay raise establishment's candidate, Lynn Swann. The time to demonstrate leadership came and went for Mike Reese. He did/said nothing. This has always been my "problem" with Mike Reese. It has never been personal. When the right decision needed to be made, Mike Reese made the wrong decision. Now, Mike Reese is funded my the same people who had a hand in the pay raise.

Truth be told and for the same reason, I could care less about the outcome of 56th House race either.

Presidential race musings..

100000 in St Louis!!!!

Palin's appearance on Saturday Night Live wasn't very good. She should have looked at some of McCain's past performances on that show. McCain was awesome when he sang Barbara Streisand songs on SNL as a joke about her trying to inject herself in politics.

Colin Powell endorses Obama. Pretty devastating. Powell is still very respected.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I own 2 small businesses

Joe the plumber should know that you need to net NOT gross over $250,0000 to be taxed more. In small business, you are taxed on NET, not gross. And why does what Joe the plumber think matter so much. What if he is wrong and is complaining about his gross being too high and not his net. Besides, he should still go through with the purchase no matter who wins this election.

As for tax policy, I would be happy to return to Clinton's tax policy. I paid a bit more in taxes, but the economy was awesome. In a return to reality, the Bush tax cuts were originally because we had such a big surplus. Remember that in 2000. Give the people back their money. Well, was that surplus really real.

The Clinton years were pretty good for the economy. A centrist democrat and a conservative congress.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A couple things I care about more the Obama/Ayers

Olivia spelling Daddy on the drive way

Samantha becoming a better dog?

Please give us some substance. McCain to bring up Ayers in the debate Wed. Depending on how Obama answers, it could be the end of the race. Nice of McCain to give Obama a heads up that his is going to talk about it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kim Ward and the Hempfield Municipal Authority

I know for a fact the Tony Bompiani's mailer about Kim Ward allowing the Hempfield Municipal Authority to party like it is 1999 (yes a Prince video is going to follow--sorry can't find one) is just not true. I was still chairman at the time and I know for a fact that Kim Wardand myself all criticized the senoir Regola who was on the Authority and demanded he clean up his act and resign. It was not really easy or popular to do considering who our state senator is. Kim Ward actually demonstrated leadership in this matter.

Now, how many trips did the Hempfield Area School Board pay to send Bompiani and other members of the board to National and State School Board meetings. As a disclosure, my wife attended meetings (where she learned alot) in New Orleans (where I was mad at her because she would not party with me on Bourbon Street because she had classes in the morning, but we went back for a Colts/Saints game and had fun) and San Francisco. The difference: my wife is not running for state senate and distorting the facts about Kim Ward. For the record, the meetings are actually good because you meet people and experts from across the country to discuss how to make schools better. Officials just can't go to those valuable meetings anymore because POLITICIANS like TONY BOMPIANI will distort the event. In the case of the Hempfield Municipal Authority, they were unfair to the taxpayers. They charged tax payers for spouses and alcohol and other things that should not have beep charged to the taxpayers. That is why Kim Ward went after them.

Isn't Kim Ward a hockey mom?

I am sure those boys of her's played some sports.

Sarah Palin at the Flyers game

When Rhonda and I were dating in Philadelphia, we went to many Philadelphia sporting events. We saw Terry Mullholand's no-hitter at Veteran's stadium (it should have been a perfect game. The only runner reached first on an error and Terry picked that runner off first base!) and enjoyed the Charles Barkley/Rick Mahorn version of the Sixers. I have to say, the fans are aggressive there. Remember the snowballs thrown at the Cowboys and the booing of Santa Claus?

Anyway, Sarah Palin was booed at the Flyers' game when she dropped the puck. Don't read anything into it. Anyone would have been booed. After watching the youtube video, the booing wasn't all that bad. Especially for Philadelphia and a Flyers game. By the way, Piper Palin is just adorable and seems to be having the time of her life.

What was this guy thinking?

This stuff does not help the campaign. It does not help when people yell terrorist or killer or the other stuff when Obama is mentioned. As a matter of fact, it seems that McCain has had to tone down his attacks on Obama because of this stuff. This boneheaded stuff is hurting the campaign so CUT IT OUT! There are plenty of issues to win on. We don't need this stuff in this campaign because it is going to result in a McCain defeat!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Looks like market is going to close positive today.

I held my nose and started buying earlier in the day. Looks like a good move at the moment. Unfortunately, this thing can turn ugly in about 2 minutes. Personally, I feel like the market may stabilize here.


Sarah Palin is going to be in Johnstown tomorrow

Check out John McCain's website if you need the details.

In the 59th PA House seat race,

I recieved my first mailer. It was from Mike Reese. Mike Reese is promoting his MBA degree. Fantastic. An MBA degree certainly helped all those folks at Lehman Brothers, AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and not the least all the geniuses on Wall Street at the moment. Mike Reese is an extremely nice guy with a beautiful family. The problem is experience. Mike Reese is scant on experience. As John McCain says, this is no time for on the job training. In this dangerous economy, we need a candidate with experience. Mike O'Barto is that candidate. Mike O'Barto has been a supervisor in a rapidly growing township for quite some time. Mike O'Barto is independent and will fight for you.

Realize, Mike Reese's mailing piece was paid for by the Pennsylvania Republican Party. Unfortunately, the Pennsylvania Republican Party was the folks in charge who brought you the dastardly pay increase, bloated budgets, perks from PHEEA, a higher personal income tax and slow economic growth. By accepting their money, Mike Reese will be beholding to them. We don't need that. We need a strong, experienced and independent voice. We need Mike O'Barto in the 59th.

Ouch again!

What a mess! I hate to say this, but I kind of wish Hillary Clinton was the democratic nominee. I think she is more capable than the two we are left with. Romney would be doing no better than McCain right now.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


The stock market!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Way better than all the wasted time on Ayers

Guilt by association probably isn't going to work in this dreadful economic crisis we seem to be in. I wish Palin would drop that silly stuff and focus on the economy. Here is a way better use for her talents than being the attack dog (which will only drive up her negatives).

If she says "Joe Six Pack and Hockey Moms of the world unite" again, I am not voting.

Here is a George Carlin riff on Joe 6 pack. Remember, it is George Carlin. He is at his offensive best here. So, if you do not like hearing the f-word or typical George Carlin humor, DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK. It is really bad!!!!!! I am not overstating it. George Dunbar or the Westmoreland County Republican Committee did not approve the following offensive comedy routine by the late George Carlin. Also, I am not endorsing Carlin's message. It just came up in my YouTube search for Sarah Palin Joe 6 pack. I thought it sort of fit in the post.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sarah Palin, Marathon runner

A fact I did not know. She ran a marathon in 2005 and finished in a respectable 3:59.

Been in Las Vegas, so I didn't see the whole VP debate

I have to collect my thoughts on it before I post. I do think Biden had the most honest moment of the debate when he spoke about being a single father and not knowing if his children would survive the accident (that after losing his wife and daughter).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


At first, the Trib says I am clairvoyant or maybe just goofy. Now on Tom Ceraso's blog,
Perry at least appeared lucid even if I didn't agree with what he said.

That was Tom writing about all the mayhem at the new "official website of the Westmoreland County Republican Committee." Hopefully, my blog history has at least made Tom Ceraso a Wilco fan.

Vandals hit Ward for Senate campaign headquarters

A little paint work. Never fear, the pump still works cuz the vandals didn't steal the handle.