Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kim Ward and the Hempfield Municipal Authority

I know for a fact the Tony Bompiani's mailer about Kim Ward allowing the Hempfield Municipal Authority to party like it is 1999 (yes a Prince video is going to follow--sorry can't find one) is just not true. I was still chairman at the time and I know for a fact that Kim Wardand myself all criticized the senoir Regola who was on the Authority and demanded he clean up his act and resign. It was not really easy or popular to do considering who our state senator is. Kim Ward actually demonstrated leadership in this matter.

Now, how many trips did the Hempfield Area School Board pay to send Bompiani and other members of the board to National and State School Board meetings. As a disclosure, my wife attended meetings (where she learned alot) in New Orleans (where I was mad at her because she would not party with me on Bourbon Street because she had classes in the morning, but we went back for a Colts/Saints game and had fun) and San Francisco. The difference: my wife is not running for state senate and distorting the facts about Kim Ward. For the record, the meetings are actually good because you meet people and experts from across the country to discuss how to make schools better. Officials just can't go to those valuable meetings anymore because POLITICIANS like TONY BOMPIANI will distort the event. In the case of the Hempfield Municipal Authority, they were unfair to the taxpayers. They charged tax payers for spouses and alcohol and other things that should not have beep charged to the taxpayers. That is why Kim Ward went after them.

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