Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Way better than all the wasted time on Ayers

Guilt by association probably isn't going to work in this dreadful economic crisis we seem to be in. I wish Palin would drop that silly stuff and focus on the economy. Here is a way better use for her talents than being the attack dog (which will only drive up her negatives).

If she says "Joe Six Pack and Hockey Moms of the world unite" again, I am not voting.

Here is a George Carlin riff on Joe 6 pack. Remember, it is George Carlin. He is at his offensive best here. So, if you do not like hearing the f-word or typical George Carlin humor, DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK. It is really bad!!!!!! I am not overstating it. George Dunbar or the Westmoreland County Republican Committee did not approve the following offensive comedy routine by the late George Carlin. Also, I am not endorsing Carlin's message. It just came up in my YouTube search for Sarah Palin Joe 6 pack. I thought it sort of fit in the post.

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