Sunday, October 19, 2008


Just got my latest mailer (2) in the Ward/Bompiani mudfest of a state senate race. I have to agree. ENOUGH! already, but for a different reason. Please focus on the future instead of mudslinging.

I also received Mike Reese's typical negative piece about Mike O'Barto. I warned O'Barto months ago that they would use this piece of ancient history as a negative ad. Mike O'Barto inherited that overtime issue when he was elected supervisor. He fixed the problem. The important fact to notice is that Mike O'Barto has been re-elected by large margins in Unity Township.

The other part of Reese's negative ad focuses on moving the supervisors' meeting from 4:30pm to 7:00pm. Again, O'Barto was just one of 3 votes. When Jake Blank was elected, the votes were there to change the meeting. I have to say this particular piece is the dumbest most inane negative attack I have ever seen.

The funniest thing about Reese's negative ad is that it is paid for by the folks who were in power when the midnight pay raise was passed. During the whole pay raise scandal, I did not hear a peep out of Mike Reese. In the governor's race that year, Bob Jubelier and the rest of the GOP establishment that supported the pay raise were pushing Lynn Swann for Governor. The only candidate with the guts to take on the pay raise establishment was Bill Scranton. Mike Reese did not support Bill. Mike Reese did not speak out against the pay raise. Mike Reese simply sat back and supported the pay raise establishment's candidate, Lynn Swann. The time to demonstrate leadership came and went for Mike Reese. He did/said nothing. This has always been my "problem" with Mike Reese. It has never been personal. When the right decision needed to be made, Mike Reese made the wrong decision. Now, Mike Reese is funded my the same people who had a hand in the pay raise.

Truth be told and for the same reason, I could care less about the outcome of 56th House race either.

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