Friday, October 10, 2008

In the 59th PA House seat race,

I recieved my first mailer. It was from Mike Reese. Mike Reese is promoting his MBA degree. Fantastic. An MBA degree certainly helped all those folks at Lehman Brothers, AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and not the least all the geniuses on Wall Street at the moment. Mike Reese is an extremely nice guy with a beautiful family. The problem is experience. Mike Reese is scant on experience. As John McCain says, this is no time for on the job training. In this dangerous economy, we need a candidate with experience. Mike O'Barto is that candidate. Mike O'Barto has been a supervisor in a rapidly growing township for quite some time. Mike O'Barto is independent and will fight for you.

Realize, Mike Reese's mailing piece was paid for by the Pennsylvania Republican Party. Unfortunately, the Pennsylvania Republican Party was the folks in charge who brought you the dastardly pay increase, bloated budgets, perks from PHEEA, a higher personal income tax and slow economic growth. By accepting their money, Mike Reese will be beholding to them. We don't need that. We need a strong, experienced and independent voice. We need Mike O'Barto in the 59th.

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