Monday, November 23, 2009

Those Sarah Palin booklines are pretty amazing...

Unfortunatley, I don't think Mitt Romney could attract those kinds of crowds. In reality, I doubt she runs in 2012. She is going to find that she enjoys being a very rich celebrity.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cover of Newsweek

I think the Sarah Palin cover of Newsweek is ridiculous!

Update: I saw the Newsweek cover in Barnes and Noble after running. I got an eggnog latte. I just saw that Palin doesn't like it either!

In an interview on Monday, the former vice presidential candidate did lash out at a Newsweek Magazine cover which shows Palin in her running outfit. The image was taken during a Runner's World photo shoot months ago, and according to a post on Palin's Facebook page, showed a depiction of the formed Alaskan governor which she called "sexist, and oh-so-expected." From Chicago Tribune online

For the record, I thought the photoshoot for Runners' World wasn't such a good idea.

Monday, November 16, 2009

What is a TWILF?

Sarah Palin was called a TWILF over the weekend. What is that? An insult or compliment? I don't know. I must be getting old.

Monday, November 9, 2009

What's the next major GOP victory in Westmoreland County?

My bet is the state house seat currently held by Jim Casorio.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Frank Schiefer

Frank Schiefer deserves some kudos for that clerk of courts win last night. Frank (and Pat Laughlin) ran some pretty good county wide races which helped set the table for Bryan Kline. Frank knows his stuff!

Imagine how bad our night started...

We went out to gather signs and results in this order:
  1. Roble (trailing)
  2. Dorothy (trailing)
  3. Lloydsville (no results but we had a bad feeling)
  4. Ward 1 (trailing)
  5. Ward 3 (trailing bad! Eric Hauser must live there)
  6. Ward 4 (trailing)
  7. Ward 2 (trailing where the Repuclican mayoral candidate is up huge! Bad sign)
  8. Ward 5 (trailing)
  9. Ward 6 (no results but the trend was not our friend)

So, driving out of Latrobe. We had thought we lost. I refreshed the blackberry and saw that we were ahead with only Whitney and Mutual out. We high tailed it to Whitney and thank God we had a poll worker there. Specifically, Rhonda's father. Hauser won big(at least we know who was pushing for him there), but not big enough to overtake our lead. And then, mutual came in with Rhonda ahead.

What were we thinking going to our weakest polls first? Nothing like driving around thinking you have lost.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Huge night for Westmoreland County Republicans!

It was just a matter of time until the success we have had at the state and federal level trickled down to the county level. I see a very crowded republican primary for commissioner.

On to Toomey and Corbett!!!!! I am definitely not sitting out the Corbett race. Tom Corbett is an outstanding individual and should be governor. Pat Toomey is the right person to help restore some sense to the US Senate.

So many people to thank for my wife's victory

  • Our friends and family who came out to vote, work the polls and told their friends to vote for us
  • For all those who put signs out
  • Mike O'Barto
  • Both supervisor candidates, John Mylant and Sherry Bohla
  • for posting the video--almost 200 views more than our main opponent and our facebook friends that shared it.
  • Who could forget the Vote for Rhonda runners last summer!
  • Whoever started the rumor about me and reporting the "signs without disclaimers" because that actually helped us meet more people who helped us
  • Barack Obama who actually made people want to vote republican again
  • Poll workers for other candidates who helped us pass out info
  • The other school board candidates who chose not to work the polls at all today. Normally, I don't think poll working helps. But today, it did. We had a lousy ballot position, but it was right under Bill Palmer. His excellent campaign got people to look down ballot for his name and then we were the only other school board campaign out there with literature.
  • Olivia, Natalie and Elizabeth for being awesome today.
  • And all those who helped who probably don't want me to put their names on the blog. You know who you are and thank you!

Rhonda really deserved to win. I just don't think it should have been this hard. Greater Latrobe is awesome school district!