Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Imagine how bad our night started...

We went out to gather signs and results in this order:
  1. Roble (trailing)
  2. Dorothy (trailing)
  3. Lloydsville (no results but we had a bad feeling)
  4. Ward 1 (trailing)
  5. Ward 3 (trailing bad! Eric Hauser must live there)
  6. Ward 4 (trailing)
  7. Ward 2 (trailing where the Repuclican mayoral candidate is up huge! Bad sign)
  8. Ward 5 (trailing)
  9. Ward 6 (no results but the trend was not our friend)

So, driving out of Latrobe. We had thought we lost. I refreshed the blackberry and saw that we were ahead with only Whitney and Mutual out. We high tailed it to Whitney and thank God we had a poll worker there. Specifically, Rhonda's father. Hauser won big(at least we know who was pushing for him there), but not big enough to overtake our lead. And then, mutual came in with Rhonda ahead.

What were we thinking going to our weakest polls first? Nothing like driving around thinking you have lost.


Anonymous said...

Perry you have to do something about getting more jobs in Westmoreland County!!! How much longer is this non sense going to go on????

Perry Christopher said...

Interesting thought, but you know I am just a blogger. I hold no office.