Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So many people to thank for my wife's victory

  • Our friends and family who came out to vote, work the polls and told their friends to vote for us
  • For all those who put signs out
  • Mike O'Barto
  • Both supervisor candidates, John Mylant and Sherry Bohla
  • Greaterlatrobe.net for posting the video--almost 200 views more than our main opponent and our facebook friends that shared it.
  • Who could forget the Vote for Rhonda runners last summer!
  • Whoever started the rumor about me and reporting the "signs without disclaimers" because that actually helped us meet more people who helped us
  • Barack Obama who actually made people want to vote republican again
  • Poll workers for other candidates who helped us pass out info
  • The other school board candidates who chose not to work the polls at all today. Normally, I don't think poll working helps. But today, it did. We had a lousy ballot position, but it was right under Bill Palmer. His excellent campaign got people to look down ballot for his name and then we were the only other school board campaign out there with literature.
  • Olivia, Natalie and Elizabeth for being awesome today.
  • And all those who helped who probably don't want me to put their names on the blog. You know who you are and thank you!

Rhonda really deserved to win. I just don't think it should have been this hard. Greater Latrobe is awesome school district!

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