Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Huge night for Westmoreland County Republicans!

It was just a matter of time until the success we have had at the state and federal level trickled down to the county level. I see a very crowded republican primary for commissioner.

On to Toomey and Corbett!!!!! I am definitely not sitting out the Corbett race. Tom Corbett is an outstanding individual and should be governor. Pat Toomey is the right person to help restore some sense to the US Senate.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention 100% VICTORY in Hempfield as well!

Anonymous said...

On to 2011!!! Full Slate take down as many as we can!

Anonymous said...

Better watch what you ask for. The Republicans played the opposition party well in DC for years but then had to govern. They failed miserably to the point that the whole conservative movement has splintered the party. Not only did the Demccrats get back both Houses of Congress they got back the White House after the glory days of Bush and Cheney.