Saturday, March 29, 2008

Obama event in Greensburg

I went to listen to Obama yesterday. He bothers me a bit on taxes. He wants to raise the FICA base which hits both individuals and businesses. As for the Bush tax cuts, if you remember when W ran in 2000, the reason for the tax cuts was the surplus. Remember the line, it's the people's money. Well, we have a deficit and a war now. I suppose I can live with the a small roll back of those cuts. As for the payroll taxes, I would need to see how this really saves social security and what effect it will have on employers. I'd rather go on a Disney cruise than pay higher taxes.

I am for any health care plan the spreads the risk as long as the US Government does not require "wealthy" (what is that) individuals to pay higher premiums.

For the 100th time, Obama is a Christian.

If I were president, I would have dialogue with our enemies too.

I am not sure if he is JFK or RFK, but I can tell that he is no Jimmy Carter.

Rhonda and Natalie at the Obama Town Hall Meeting

My view from the cheap seats.