Thursday, October 16, 2008

I own 2 small businesses

Joe the plumber should know that you need to net NOT gross over $250,0000 to be taxed more. In small business, you are taxed on NET, not gross. And why does what Joe the plumber think matter so much. What if he is wrong and is complaining about his gross being too high and not his net. Besides, he should still go through with the purchase no matter who wins this election.

As for tax policy, I would be happy to return to Clinton's tax policy. I paid a bit more in taxes, but the economy was awesome. In a return to reality, the Bush tax cuts were originally because we had such a big surplus. Remember that in 2000. Give the people back their money. Well, was that surplus really real.

The Clinton years were pretty good for the economy. A centrist democrat and a conservative congress.

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