Sunday, September 21, 2008

Me in the Tribune-Review Whispers Column

The Tribune-Review did a little blurb about me and my support for Sarah Palin.

CRYSTAL BALL. Seems that former Westmoreland County GOP Chairman Perry Christopher might be just a little clairvoyant. Or maybe he's just goofy. Whatever, Christopher was on the Sarah Palin VP bandwagon long before anyone here even heard of the Alaska governor.

Christopher blogged earlier this year in support of Palin's being put on the GOP ticket with John McCain. This came from the man who had once supported Mitt Romney for the top spot on the GOP ticket and had even toyed with backing Democrat Barack Obama, so his Palin-love was hardly taken seriously by local Republicans.

But now there's a little back-slapping going on between Christopher and local Christian Coalition head Don Thompson, who in a newsletter sent out this month noted that Palin was not exactly a popular VP choice by locals who responded to a survey he sent out in January.

"One person mentioned Sarah Palin for VP and had to explain that she was current governor of Alaska," Thompson wrote. "I might say that person was Perry Christopher, former Westmoreland County GOP Chairman, who must have had a clear crystal ball that day."

Here is a photo of me and my wife!

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