Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tribune-Review Whispers column lexicon

"Westmoreland County Insiders"

I have learned that this means an individual who has an ax to grind but not the courage to put their name to the crap they are spewing.

The same definition goes for:
  • Prominent Westmoreland republicans
  • republican leaders
  • any and all variations on the above theme

The whispers column is usually the place you check on sunday morning to see if a "republican leader" has stuck a knife in your back. I have never quite understood the anonymous nature of the column. It gives voice to political activists who do not have the courage to simply speak their minds.

A lot of republicans do not like Tom Balya, but he has the courage to put exactly what he is thinking in print for all to see on his website.


Anonymous said...

talk to Scaife, he approved every Whisper article and writes many of them. I used to work for the trib and left because of the complete BS that occurs with coverage of stories.

Perry Christopher said...

I find it hard to believe that Mr. Scaife is all that interested in the Whispers column.

Anonymous said...

Do be naive, Perry. I have heard that for years about Scaife