Sunday, November 30, 2008

We interupt this blog for the regularly scheduled kissing up to Mike Reese segment

One of the strengths that Mike Reese will bring to the table as state represenative is his ability to get along well with others. He knows the commissioners and their staff well. Since there seems to be animosity between our new state senator and the commissioners, I think this relationship is essential. Considering this, we are fortunate to have Mike Reese as a state represenative.

Reese and Krieger will make a great team working for Westmoreland County in the House.


Anonymous said...


You are being way to rational. Soon you will get thrown completely out of the republican party


Anonymous said...

Better hope Kim doesn't see this post. She may have the Trib shut your website down immediately!

Perry Christopher said...

I don't think the trib has any influence over google.