Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jess Stairs

Seems like the Trib does not want Jess Stairs to be county commissioner. He is my third choice in ranking. If you are going to present to the judges a list, a thinking person would have to realize that Jess Stairs deserves to be on that GOP list. He is currently a state rep. He has tons of contacts in Harrisburg. He is an easy fellow to get along with. He would most likely be helpful in lobbying Harrisburg for things. As a minority commissioner, that is a great niche.

From what I understand and I was not at the meeting because I was in Philadelphia for Marathon Weekend (Pittsburgh Marathon is next), the goal of the few republicans in Westmoreland county responsible for the final list of 4 was someone who will fight with Tom and Tom and set the GOP up for the next election cycle to win 2 seats on the board of commissioners. Well, that is not the true point of serving the people. The goal should not be to fight with Tom and Tom so we can win next time. If the GOP has the right ideas about governing, we will win next time. Think about it: Ward as state senator. Krieger and Reese as state reps. These are the folks to show what the GOP can do. At the same time, put in a reasonable individual like Davis, Avolio or Stairs as commissioner. The GOP can work as a team to Westmoreland forward. People will notice and we can win next time. If we just play politics, people will see it and we will lose.

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