Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here is what congress should do with the auto industry

Merge GM and Ford into one company. Can management. Put Mitt Romney in charge of the new auto company. For Romney, turning around the US auto industry is probably a more important job than being President of the United States. Romney would have an incredible effect on the future of this country in this position. Of course, this solution represents a far too simplistic view of the world and it will never happen. Instead, the US auto industry is just going to fade away. Currently, Ford is going to sell it's stake in Mazda. We drive a Mazda CX-9. We bought it instead of the Ford Freestyle. So, Ford keeps its crappy assets and gets rid of the good stuff. That is not a solution. Still, the best car I have ever owned was my 1998 Ford Taurus. I didn't have the SHO model, but the next model down. I have the speeding tickets to prove that was one heck of an engine in that car! My father is still driving it.

Read Romney's op-ed on the auto industry:

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Anonymous said...

Perry, you are so naive. Please stop making suggestions that make sense.......they will never happen