Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sen. Jim Bunning to retire

Sen. Bunning did an event for me while I was chairman. I spent the whole day with him. Sen. Bunning was honest and plain spoken. How many people get the chance to spend the day with
  • an outspoken conservative senator
  • a baseball hall of fame member
  • and some who pitched a perfect game in the majors?

Well, I was treated to that all at once. It was quite enjoyable. I thought it was the perfect kick-off to getting folks in Westmoreland County fired up for Sen Santorum's reelection. Sen Bunning was an awesome featured speaker. However, the attendance was just so-so and that truly marked the beginning of my loss of interest in organized politics. After that, I had to endure Scranton's unsuccessful bid for governor, Santorum's loss and people's inability to move on from the whole Toomey/Specter controversy, and the final straw--Mitt Romney's loss. I personally blame that loss on Iowa's conservative christians and some of their "problem" that Romney didn't have exactly the same religious beliefs that they held. Huckabee, what a wasted vote Iowans!!!!

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