Thursday, July 2, 2009

Palin in Runner's World

She challenges President Obama to a footrace? She looks great in the photos. However, it does not seem very "presidential." Without a doubt, she needs a new pr firm. She gets a lot of press, but none of it makes you want to support her for president. I have not seen the entire article yet, so I may change my mind after reading it. If I were her PR person, I would have never allowed her to pose in running clothes. I would have insisted on only action photos of her running and running while pushing her baby.

I would run with either Palin or Obama. She is a good marathoner. Heck, I'd even have a cigarette with President Obama. That would be a cool conversation starter. Maybe the two could come to Pittsburgh and run the Pittsburgh Marathon. It is a friendly marathon. Or better yet, they could come to Connellsville and run the Woodruff 5K (killer hills).

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