Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My wife, Rhonda Laughlin, in the Trib

At last night's board meeting, some directors wanted to raise taxes. Rhonda did not. Read for yourself from the Tribune-Review.
Director Susan Mains said without a state budget in place, the district doesn't know for sure what it willbe receiving as its basic education subsidy. And the state has other changes proposed that could affect the district's bottom line, she said.

Mains said she feels more comfortable having small millage increases yearly, rather than one, large millage hike in a given year. The small increases give the district some cushion for unforeseen expenses, she said.

I'm fearful we're digging a hole that we shouldn't be digging," Mains said.

Director Kathryn Elder agreed that slight yearly increases put her more at ease than one large hike.

"We're kind of getting squeezed," Elder said. "I"m very concerned."

But Director Rhonda Laughlin said directors couldn't increase real estate taxes this time based on what might occur.

"Just to raise taxes 'just in case,' I think, is wrong," Laughlin said.
Tribune-Review July 1, 2009

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