Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New republican leadership team

State Senator Kim Ward: Anyone who has ever worked with her will tell you that Kim is intelligent and energetic. She gets things done with the sheer force of her personality. In the state senate, she will not be a back bencher. Kim will fight hard for the interests of the people in the 39th district and not the interests of the Harrisburg insiders. If the GOP does not with the governor's race in 2010, I see Kim as a potential Lt. Governor candidate in the next cycle.

State Represenative Tim Krieger: Fantastic guy! Conservative. Great family. You can count on Tim to do what is right.

State Represenative Mike Reese: I honestly respect Mike Reese a lot. In both the commissioners race and the race against O'Barto, I was a pain in the ass, but he never was anything but nice to me. After the endorsement for commissioner, Reese went out of his way to compliment me on my family. He is also in a way smarter than me. I thought about running for the 59th but did not because I figured that O'Barto would beat any republican. I was certainly wrong and Reese was right. I look forward to him being my state represenative and will attend his fundraisers if he sends me an invitation this time. For the record, he was the first person I called to tell that Jess Stairs wasn't running again. At least I got that part right.

Commissioner Charles Anderson: I think the judges got this one right. You can't really argue with the leadership skills of a US Marine officer. Granted, it would have been more fun for me if Scott Avolio was commissioner. He is a great guy.

Jury Commissioner Debbie Irwin: You can always count on Debbie to shake things up. In a good way.

I am afraid that the county committe will fall apart with out the great political skills that Elizabeth Yorio brought to the table.


George said...


I always enjoy reading your comments, along with that which is left unsaid.

Thanks for the laughter,

Scott Ellis

Anonymous said...

I only hope that our elected officials work for us and not for positioning on issues. Some of the blanket comments made through the campaigns (i.e., I will never raise taxes) is a display of not doing what needs to be done by staying true to a philosophy regardless of the facts or environment. That is what truly scares me about the two party system.

I hope you are right, Perry.....but I have my doubts

Perry Christopher said...

Comments are only moderated for obvious lies, bigotry and extreme profanity. If I have left something unsaid that needs to be said, feel free.

I didn't mean this post to be funny. I honestly think we have a good republican team to lead Westmoreland County. I was willing to stand with Regola, but it was his decision to pull out. That is no reflection on Kim Ward. She is going to be a good state senator. I know first hand that she has the ability to get things done. I have seen her perform.

Anonymous said...


Where have you seen Kim perform? Committee? Just curious.

I have seen her in attendance but not sure I would call it performance

Perry Christopher said...

I only have seen her organizational skills for campaigns we were both involved in.

Bush/Cheney '04 The organization excelled in the SW

Santorum '06 She got good performance out of the area in a campaign destined to lose.

Governor race '06 I saw her make a lot of hard and independent decisions. She earned my respect in this race.

Commissioners' race. She was almost the largest vote getter.

I have spent enough time with her to know she has the skill set to be a good state senator.

Anonymous said...

Kims biggest problem is that she is successful politically because she does a good job of tearing people down. She doesn,t do a good job of explaining why she is better. She is the master of telling people what they want to hear. On one hand she tells every body she will never raise taxes. On the other hand she pens a letter stating that county employees involved in negotiations should have been given raises the last three years. Someone has to pay for those raises. And eventually through higher taxes.

Anonymous said...


I understand your point now. She is exceptional on campaigns because they are short in nature and involve marketing and positioning strategy. She is one of the best. Being an elected official involves making decisions that are difficult and grasping the concepts and then picking the course that is the best long-term for the taxpayers. I fear she may be look at polling data each vote and vote based on the choice that would win her an election if there were one in the next few months. This is clearly what she did as commissioner and I fear the same in harrisburg. The problem is, times are tough I hope she worries most about the taxpayers and less about getting front billing in the tribune review.

Happy Holidays!