Tuesday, December 16, 2008

George Dunbar mad at judges

If anyone had an ax to grind with a judge, it was me. I sat in a courtroom when a my father in law was kicked off the ballot for essentially the same infraction that a democrat was allowed to stay on the ballot for. The cases were one after the other. I took it like a grown up. I accepted it and moved on. If you read my past posts, you can see why I did not think the judges would look at the GOP list. However, I think they did. I think they did not choose Bill Davis out of deference to the fact that he was rejected (stupidly) by the GOP committee. What did you expect the judges to do? Did you read Ferguson's comments? The judges could not pick one of the four because Ferguson made it look like it was going to be the beginning of some massive GOP assault to take the courthouse back. The relationship between Tom, Tom and Kim was awful. The judges could not risk more of that.

Chuck Anderson looks to be the best choice out there. Maybe the GOP should have seen that in the first place and recruited him. As I said before, his name was brought up to me by others in another matter. Although George Dunbar may have never heard of Mr. Anderson, it seems everyone else has and I just would not be messing with the selection of a retired Marine colonel.

So, don't be mad at the judges. Go read Ferguson's statement on the official GOP site and tell me that you guys didn't mess this up. You should have gone with a petition drive. After all, the judges may selected Anderson based on his community involvement, resume as a marine officer, and his presentation. If I am not mistaken, he did put his name in when Terry Marolt died. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.

Besides, I am tired of all this partisan stuff. I am going to support James R. Antoniono for Westmoreland County DA in the primary and most likely in the general unless the GOP can come up with a quality candidate. The upcoming judges: this should not be partisan. Candidates can cross file. Judges should be supported based on fairness, experience and intellect. I am not about to vote for someone for judge who cares only if there is an R or D next to someones name.

Here is George's letter

December 11, 2008

To All Westmoreland County Republican Committee Members:
I am writing to you today to express my disappointment in the selection of Charles Anderson as our next County Commissioner. This is not an indictment of Mr. Anderson, I have never met the man nor have I ever heard of him prior to this process. I am hopeful that he will be an excellent commissioner and serve the residents of Westmoreland County well. My disappointment lies with the Judges of our fair county.
We as a group respectfully submitted four extremely qualified names for consideration to the judges, who ignored us. As opposed to listening to the voices of the 87,000 Republicans we were elected to represent, they chose to listen to a select few voices in the courthouse. This deed cannot go unnoticed.
We cannot shrug our shoulders and lament the fact that the Democratic Judges have control and we have to accept this. We need to force change. The most recent election cycle proved once again that the Republican Party in Westmoreland County is alive and strong. The same energies we expended for McCain, Corbett, Ward, Krieger, and Reese will be needed in this year’s election to remove the Judges that have ignored our requests. Now is the time to flex our collective muscles.
An off-year election, with anticipated low turn out, is the perfect opportunity for us to show our strength. We need to all be focused and motivated to get our message out, and in turn get our voters out as well. I urge you all to use today’s slight as motivation as we move forward.
With no disrespect to soon to be Commissioner Anderson, I am disappointed, angry and have a chip on my shoulder. I hope all of you do as well. Let’s use this to our advantage in removing those who are responsible for this.
George Dunbar, Chairman

That wouldn't be the judges. I believe that may be those who turned this into the start of the election on day one! That was just silly and short-sighted.


Anonymous said...

Perry, for once I am in almost 100%
agreement with you. The party should put this behind themselves and start planning for next year's elections. I talked to a friend of Commissioner Anderson and found out he's a good conservative Republican and tough ex-marine. So I think all Republicans should give him a chance.

Perry Christopher said...

I agree. I think the judges probably did us a big favor.

Anonymous said...


I think this shows that George was a poor pick as a leader. He needs to step down and have someone else take over. The people of both parties should realize that it is their jobs collectively to serve all the people of the county. If people like George and Kim don't soon begin to figure this out we will lose all the gains we have made recently.