Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am looking at the 4 endorsed candidates of the county GOP

I can't really figure out why Rob Ferguson is on the list. I am sure he is a nice guy, just about everyone is, but why county commissioner. I guess he had some people working proxies pretty hard for him, but is that a qualification.

After reading his piece on the WCRC website, I think I would make a better and more effective minority commissioner than him. His goal is wrong. It shouldn't be to fight with Tom and Tom and prepare for the next election to win it for the GOP. There has to be more of a reason for the GOP to control the courthouse other than we need to win it for the GOP.

I think the minority commissioner simply needs to studying the issues that arise and vote or make statements reflecting what is best for the people of Westmoreland County. That is not what is always best for the GOP taking the courthouse.

I also think the minority commissioner should develop a niche area to work. If Tom and Tom continue to govern as a team, the minority commissioner would be able to focus on particular areas of interest that need attention.

I should apply, but I don't know if my golf game is up to being commissioner. We'd have to have 5K runs as fundraisers rather than golf outings.


Anonymous said...


The republican party took a step backward in Westmoreland county with their list. Although I concede that some of the candidates would do OK, the entire focus of this list is based on what can happen in 2011 not what needs to happen from 2009-2011

Perry Christopher said...

Are you kidding? Do you think the voters/citizens care about that? These could be hard times. Not the time for petty politics and trying to win the courthouse for the GOP. Time to do what is best for the folks.

Anonymous said...

You are correct Perry - that is why you should apply. You might be astonished at how much success three people working together could have. And that doesn't mean you would always agree.

Anonymous said...

Perry you said - "Time to do what is best for the folks."
Are you kidding, do you think there is anyone on the Westmoreland GOP committee that isn't thinking only of themself. There is no looking out for the good of all. It is more like who can I stab in the back today so I can get ahead!

Anonymous said...

Lets face it. Kim Ward was focused on being a State Senator from the time her general election run started back in 2007. What I mean is that Kim seems to have picked her battles based on what was going to help Kim going forward. The new commissioner needs to go into the job with the attitude he or she will pick battles based on what is best for the taxpayer. If they do this by dealing directly with the other two commissioners and not using the paper as a means to throw out ideas, then and only then will we be able to achieve a majority down the road. This could happen because the electorate will then see that the republican commissioner truly has the better ideas for the county and its people.
Kim, in my mind, picked sensational things to highlight that really didn't have the potential to save all that much money. Three examples are, Changing the way people are put on the board a WCCC. At the end of the day it won't matter how they are picked. 99% of the time the president will get his way no matter who is on that board. Second, the leasing of space across the street from the courthouse. This is the only building attatched directly to the courthouse so it would make sense that the county utilize this space if needed. If it wasn't for the fact that the owners are donors to two of the commissioners it would be another complete non-issue. Even the paper never question the amount the county paid for the lease. Lastly, the proposed vehicle use policy. In a county with the budget the size of Westmorelands a few minor tweaks to an existing policy will add up to mere pennys in the big scheme of things. Kim rushed a draft out to the public so she could use it as part of her media blitz for senate. Will Kim Ward ever try to change the way vehicles are used in state government. I doubt it, she took one when she worked for the governor. Was it good politics on her part to use it in an election, probably.

These are just some of my thoughts now that you have tried to bring some truth and sanity to the process of picking a new commissioner.

As I re-read this Perry you should put your name in for commissioner. Scott Conner used to have a fund raiser that involved shooting. Why can't you have one that involves running. What the worst that could happen? A few county vendors and employees get in better shape by supporting you!!!

PS. Blogger needs a spell check function for comments.

Anonymous said...

wow. Truth. How refreshing