Friday, December 5, 2008

Shew...I was afraid Bill Davis wouldn't put his name in

after the GOP left him off the list of 4. He did. My top 4 candidates for the position are:

  • Bill Davis
  • Scott Avolio
  • Jess Stairs (all about contacts in Harrisburg on this one)
  • Tom Marflak


Anonymous said...

We don't need Jess Stairs contacts in Harrisburg- my god - contacts in Harrisburg don't get you a job serving Westmoreland Countians. We have 3 representatives to build contacts in Harrisburg - Jess Stairs ship has sailed . . . .away - come sail away come sail away with me - keep it funky now . . .

Perry Christopher said...

Jess isn't a bad guy. Come sail away by Styx is in no way "funky" You need to find a song by George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic.

People act like Jess was defeated and disgraced. He would have won that seat had he run.

Your crazy if you don't think Jess could help the new state reps.

Doesn't matter. It is going to be Bill Davis.