Friday, December 12, 2008

Anderson is a good choice for commissioner

You certainly can't go wrong with a retired US Marine colonel. Anderson also has been involved in the community. I also think he is a good republican. If I am not mistaken, his name was mentioned to me by people if we needed a candidate to run in the primary for state senate in the 39th (had Regola dropped out before the primary).

Anderson is not overtly political. He may not run for a full term after this one expires. It is a really interesting choice by the judges. Military training, without a doubt, prepares one well to serve as an executive. Balya and Ceraso can work with him. As a marine, I am sure he won't take any "partisan crap" from anyone. The more I think of the pick, the more I like it! For the record, I am quite surprised.

As for the republican committee, the endorsement process certainly did not do anything to elevate the "power of influence" of the committee. If anything, it hurt it. I am glad I did not do any such endoresement when Terry Marolt's seat was open.


Anonymous said...


I think Chuck Anderson will make a good Commissioner. Anybody that goes to many of the non political fundraisers in the county knows that Chuck is at most of them. He has been involded with many things in the community, not because he wanted to gain from it but beause it is what a good citizens does. For George Dunbar to say what he said in the paper shows a complete lack of leadership. From what I am told George wasn't there to hear what everyone had to say in front of the judges. To make conclusions without the facts shows just one more reason why we all should be glad we ended up with someone like Chuck Anderson and not George Dunbar!

Anonymous said...

I think we need new leadership in the reublican committee. Now that Kim is in Harrisburg, let's take back the party and move it forward

Perry Christopher said...

I don't know if I see it that way. I didn't see that I was working towards Kim's agenda while I was chairman. As a matter of fact, we initially supported different candidates for governor in '06 and most likely different candidates for president in '08. We both agreed that Rick Santorum was a great senator and person who deserved re-election. She was great to work with on that campaign. She also was a good candidate for commissioner. She worked hard to try to get George elected. Unfortunately, the opponents were able to find something like the bankruptcy at the company George worked at and hammer him with it. It was effective and there was nothing Kim could do about it.

Any new leadership in the county is going to be overshadowed by Kim Ward and Tim Krieger. Mike Reese is going to be a good state rep, but I don't think he is interested in being a party leader (which is what the people of the 59th want and are used to). Kim's personality makes her a significant player in county GOP politics and Tim Krieger is a natural leader. So, the need for new leadership really isn't there. The county GOP chair is going to be more or less an administrative position.

Anonymous said...

Perry, be careful though. Not all republicans see it the way you do. Many of us what fresh, new faces. Kim was and is a great asset to our party but I question whether she needs to have her hand in local politics while she needs to be helping the state deal with complex financial challenges. She drove the replacement for her position behind the scenes and I personally want to make that stops

Perry Christopher said...

Are you saying she was behind the pick of Anderson?

Anonymous said...

I would say that Kim tried to influence the judges as did the party and I am sure the two democratic commissioners. What I would like to see is Kim take a back seat to what is going on at the county party level and worry about her new job. There are some that feel that Kim has to have her fingers in eveything. Plus if isn't her way she won't compromise.