Sunday, June 28, 2009

This morning Whispers

The Trib's whispers column claims State Senator Kim Ward is going to support democrat Carmen Pedicone next year. Anyone who knows Sen. Ward's long committment to the county GOP knows that she would not actively support a democrat against a republican for county office.

I, for one, would support Carmen Pedicone for re-election because he has earned it.

Tom Balya retiring as commissioner? That would end up being a big commissioners race. The GOP would have a great shot at winning two seats.


Anonymous said...

My source at Court House said that Charles Dominick (Human Resources Director) from Latrobe. Is using the chance of capturing the Mayor's position in Latrobe in Nov. Elect. and then run for Tom Bayla’s open seat as a County Commissioner!! Tom is then going to take the year off and run against Kim Ward for Senate!!!

Perry Christopher said...

Interesting? I like Chuck. In a potential Balya/Ward race, I would bet Kim might have beaten Tom head to head in the commissioners race if you only view the senate district. Even so, that district votes way more GOP in state and federal elections. Further, Kim has not done anything which would cause someone who voted for her in the last election to no longer support her. I guess I am saying is that Kim Ward will be your state senator for a very long time! No matter who runs.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Dominick couldn't afford the pay cut to be a county commissioner. He already makes $10,000 more than the commissioners.