Friday, June 26, 2009

Sanford: What a moron!

I would not forgive him if I were a voter. Two reasons: crying in public(baby!) and cheating on his wife(louse!). I also don't accept his explanation. Not once did I hear him say what a wonderful woman his wife is and what a despicable human being he is. Get lost jerk!

Memo to republicans: Don't act like pious christians if you are going to cheat on your wife!

If these guys would spend as much time cultivating their relationships with their wives as they do cheating, they would not need to cheat.

That goes for you too, Sen Ensign. Get lost, loser! We don't need either of you in government. Plenty of better people to take your place tomorrow. The first 10 people to walk in the local Walmart would be preferrable to me than to have you lying despicable wife cheating losers in government. It would not be so bad had the whole conservative movement hadn't starting claiming christianity and family values as their own.

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