Sunday, June 14, 2009

I don't think Gordon should be kicked out!

During my time as chairman, I think I circulated 2 petitions for the republican nomination for school director (my wife's and another person) who were registered democrats. I do not think it should violate by-laws because of the cross filing nature of the office. It is nuts to kick Gordon off the republican committee for this. After all, he had to ask a democrat to circulate his own petition. It is just the nature of the race.

Shame on you GOP committee (update: troublemaker not committee). Gordon was a HUGE help to elect a good conservative republican to the state house. Just go ask Tim Krieger how much help Gordon was. What a boneheaded move! If I was chairman, I never would have allowed this case to be heard!

As for me, I did violate the spirit of the by-laws. I have no problem with being expelled.

I was told by someone that Gordon has not been kicked out yet. Due to the cross filing nature of the race, the by-laws are open to interpretation. We shall see. Kicking Gordon out does no one any good. I can state for a fact that Gordon wore a McCain button to the Obama rally at Hempfield High School. He attended because he was a school director. I was there because my wife and kid wanted to go and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Obama wasn't any different than any other politician I have seen. Spoke better than some, but no "magic"

Update from George Dunbar. Matter settled. Whole press release in comments.
I did not believe that Gordon’s actions necessitated his removal. Gordon has been a loyal and hard working committee man for years and I am looking forward to continuing that relationship in the future.


Anonymous said...

I can assure you Gordon was NOT kicked out.

Anonymous said...

Gordon is no better than Perry Christopher - and Perry got kicked out. Why can't we all just get along anyway!?!!? It is a loss without Perry on the committee - although it seems that he has a better audience than our current county chair - and I think the world of George. Maybe he should start a george rules blog.

Anonymous said...

According to Whispers, Gordon WAS kicked off. Please don't shame all of us on the committee, Perry. I for one totally disagree with Gordon being kicked off the committee. It was not supposed to be announced until the next execuitive meeting whether Gordon was kicked out or not. WHO went to the press with this information and WHO will be next?????????????

Perry Christopher said...

According to my source who is pretty bright, whispers was wrong. Gordon has not been kicked off.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you're right.

Anonymous said...

For Immediate Release
June 15, 2009

Contact: George Dunbar
Phone: (724) 433-9703

Greensburg, PA – The Westmoreland County Republican Committee Chairman George Dunbar requests a retraction from the Tribune Review for a factually incorrect article it published yesterday. Sunday’s “Whispers” column included an article entitled “HE”S OUT” stating that Committeeman Gordon Scherff was removed from the committee.

Chairman Dunbar released the following statement, “At no time did anyone from the Trib contact me, Mr. Scherff, or the District 5 Chairwoman Susan Scherff to confirm that this was indeed the case. In a conversation I had with Mr. Scherff on Tuesday June 9th I informed him that I had no intention of removing him from the committee. This decision was to be made public at our next Executive Board meeting in July”

WCRC by laws state that the County Chairman MAY declare a committee seat vacant if the committee person is found to have violated the by laws. Dunbar continued,” there is ambiguity in our by laws in regards to cross filed races. I did not believe that Gordon’s actions necessitated his removal. Gordon has been a loyal and hard working committee man for years and I am looking forward to continuing that relationship in the future.”

Anonymous said...

As I was involved in writing the original set of by-laws I feel that punishing Gordon for circulating a Democrats petition in a cross-filing situation is a bit of a reach. I think the only time someone should be removed is for openly supporting a Democrat over a Republican in a General Election. If there was REpublican on the ballot I couldn't in good conscience openly support I kept my mouth shut for the good of party unity. I also have circulated petitions for Democrats like Perry in crossfiled races.
I think theres more to this then a fight over circulating a petition,
why else would it come up now month's after petitions were filed ?

Anonymous said...

I think some of this had to do with Joe Lutz and his feud with Suzi and Gordon. Joe was mad because he didnt feel they supported him enough but the feud goes deeper then that.