Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pat Toomey for US Senate

Pat Toomey is considering a run for the US Senate. We need him in the senate. It is time! I support Pat Toomey for the US Senate! You should too.


Anonymous said...


I couldn't disagree more. Pat Tommey will never be able to win in the general election. Although Specter only has a 43 percent conservative voting record, I do not know of one Democrat who has one better. Do you?

Pat Toomey is a snake. Need I remind you that he lied to the House leadership his last time in Congress about having a tough election. He got a boat load of money from them, didn't spend it on his congressional campaign, and then turned around and used it to run against Specter.

We don't have many Republicans left. Maybe we should be using our time to focus on defeating Democrats in the House instead of targeting Republicans in the primary.

Perry Christopher said...

Remember, I am out of the R vs. D business. I am supporting the best person. Toomey will be that person. By the time 2010 rolls around, people will be more than ready for Pat Toomey's message. He will win both the primary and general election. We can no longer count on Arlen.