Monday, March 2, 2009

Fleetwood Mac at Mellon Arena last night

Lindsay Buckingham held the band together last night with an incredible performance and outstanding work on the guitar. I don't think he has ever really gotten his due because he had to be in a band playing all those sappy Christine McVie songs (thank god she isn't in the band). Seems the writer from the Post-Gazette agrees with me.
Buckingham is a pure live wire, and people who have never seen Fleetwood Mac might not know that if he hadn't ended up in this co-ed pop band, his name might be thrown around with guitar heroes like Neil Young and Eric Clapton. Buckingham can rip in numerous ways, from the frantic acoustic fingerpicking on "Big Love" to the nitro shredding on "I'm Afraid," which, contrary to the image of the 50-something ballad-loving Fleetwood Mac fan, drew the biggest roar of the night. Post-Gazette 2/2/2009

My favorite parts of the night were Lindsay Buckingham's performance (I Go Insane, my complete favorite) and my wife looking particularly good(really good). My least favorite part was I think the security guard enjoyed frisking me way to much.

Here is the set list:

• "Monday Morning"
• "The Chain"
• "Dreams"
• "I Know I'm Not Wrong"
• "Gypsy"
• "Go Insane"
• "Rhiannon"
• "Second Hand News"
• "Tusk"
• "Sara"
• "Big Love"
• "Landslide"
• "Never Going Back Again"
• "Storms"
• "Say That You Love Me"
• "Gold Dust Woman"
• "Oh Well"
• "I'm Afraid"
• "Stand Back"
• "Go Your Own Way"
• "World Turning"
• "Don't Stop"
• "Silver Springs"

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Your are right. Your wife is hot!