Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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I bought tickets to see U2 in Chicago. I didn't ask my wife. Who thinks she will be mad at me? Or is this a good test to see if she is really cool? It is U2 after all!

I was going to go to a Mike Reese fundraiser on 3/25 (honest), but I used the money on the U2 tickets. Just kidding! I know I promised to go to the first Reese fundraiser, but the timing of this one was really inconvenient. I will definitely attend one in the near future. My wife and I think Mike Reese is doing a very good job as state representative and would have attended the reception, but noon on thursdays is the worst possible time. Keep me on the list.


Anonymous said...

Your wife is hot.

Anonymous said...

What has Mike Reese been doing thats so great.He campaigned on the platform to cut the legislature and term limits. The jury is still out on Reese.I have not seen any legislation on the above.