Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mountain View Inn

I have this terrible feeling that Mountain View Inn is going to end up being a brand new Sheetz. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, the Mountain View Inn in Greensburg, Pennsylvania (actually Unity Township) is closing. The bank is going to take control of it. I am afraid the location is worth more than the potential Inn business. I really could see them building retail or office space there. Yuck! I moved to Unity because I wanted to live in a residential area without all the retail like they have in Hempfield township. Unfortunately, the trend is not my friend. Unity is being developed like crazy. So much for all the beautiful trees. Besides, we need a whole bunch of houses built really close together on lots that have been totally cleared of trees so that we have to plant new ones and wait 50 years for them to grow (yes, a run on sentance!) Of course, we need more Walgreens! Why are they building so many of those stores. I have been in them. Nothing special.

Rhonda and I had our wedding reception at Mountain View in 1993. Here is a pic in the hallway of the old rooms at the Inn.

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Your wife is hot.