Sunday, January 18, 2009

Truer words were never spoken!

Regardless of what your view of the situation, the case was handled very poorly. Based on that alone, a change is what is needed in the District Attorney's office. If I were a registered democrat (and I am not), I would vote for James Antoniono for district attorney. As a matter of fact, I may temporarily switch to do just that. Of course, that all depends on what is happening in the GOP primary.
Antoniono said Peck mishandled the investigation and prosecution of former state Sen. Robert Regola, whose gun was used in the suicide death of his neighbor, 14-year-old Louis Farrell. Regola was acquitted of perjury and gun charges last summer.
"He (Peck) was not at the scene, and I think that's wrong. The (Farrell) family lost a son, and Sen. Regola lost his job under a cloud of suspicion. All that could have been cleared up," Antoniono said. Tribune-Review 1/16/2009


Anonymous said...

Wait until the facts are made public in the civil case and the only fingerprints on the gun box were Bobby Jr.'s. Peck knew this and never brought it up. I think he is so political, that we was most concerned with preventing Republicans from calling him political for trying case that he actually went the other direction of not pushing the case hard. This guy is an embarrassment to our system and needs to go. Don't know Antoniono, anyone know what kind of guy he is?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you all just lay off of Bob Regola?????????????? I can't wait untilthe facts are made public either in the civil trial. Bob lost his job not because of the trial, but because of all the FILTH that is called politics. The previous post is right about one thing, Peck has to go.