Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meagan Bilik DeFazio for Westmoreland County Judge

As you know, two judges are retiring. Recently, Rhonda and I met with Meagan Bilik DeFazio. We found her to be fair, intelligent, articulate and motivated to run for all the right reasons.

Rhonda and I are going to be happy to support her effort.

To all my friends on the republican committee, you can support any candidate for judge. The election is nonpartisan and all candidates crossfile.


Anonymous said...

Did Mike Reese ask you to support her? Because the Bilik family supported him big time. Does any one know if Reese opened a office in bilik's Insurance office building in Norvelt?

Perry Christopher said...

As a matter of fact, no. My wife, Rhonda, had met Bilik Defazio at a Women's Leadership Council luncheon and was impressed. She also knows other members of the Bilik family. I was completely and totally unaware of any relationship with Mike Reese until it came up in conversation that Meagan's husband and Reese had attended high school together. So, Mike Reese is a total nonfactor here. The biggest factor was my wife.

I have no idea if Mike Reese is looking to rent space in their Norvelt building. If he is, it does not matter. Mike Reese is a very nice guy. He has a beautiful family. He is not very partisan. No one should really care who rents him space. The world has bigger issues than that.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally re: party affiliation. A judge isn't about party politics. That is why the candidates cross file. It's about the person who we trust to be totally fair and impartial. It's voting for the person whose heart is always in the right place, and who will always follow the law and the facts, not the politics.
I am a committed Republican and always have been. I will support the right person for judge. I also live in North Huntingdon and I've come to know Bilik DeFazio. I've learned a lot about her and what she is all about. In my opinion, the party should pay attention to her.

Anonymous said...

How is a judge less about party affiliation than a politician? Both and governoring using the law and their own personal beliefs to impact our lives. If a judge was anti-business, anti-faith, believed that rich people should all be in jail,etc; would George Bush support him/her? Of course not. if it makes you feel better saying party doesn't matter, that's cool; but then it shouldn't matter for any other race. ANY other race

Perry Christopher said...

oops, I think DeFazio and Reese are friends from college, not high school.

thomas said...

I stopped in for a coffee today, at the panera's by wal-mart. I noticed this young couple, with two beautiful children, one boy and one girl. The children were well behaved, and the mom and dad very attentive, and loving. I thought to myself this is the way a family should be. I got a chance to talk to the mom on my way out, and told her that. She had her daughter with her, and her husband was inside with there son. So we had a chance to talk about families and values and how important it was. She had a Meagan Bilik DeFazio button on her jacket. I asked her if she knew that person, she told me she was that person. and we talked some more a little more in depth. I found her to be intelligent, articulate, and very warm individual. I don't usually support any political candidate, but I'm for once looking forward to voting for a candidate I like instead, of the lesser of the evils. I think I found it in Megan Bilik Defazio. I wish her and her family the best

tom maxon
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