Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In courageous fashion,

I have been kicked off the republican committee--months after the fact of my transgression. The committee waited this long to act to avoid any possible bad press during the election. I do have to disagree a little with their findings. The findings stated that I wrote negative comments about Mike Reese in a letter to the Latrobe Bulletin. I disagree. I purposely wrote a positive letter about Mike O'Barto and his experience. I did not once mention Mike Reese in the letter. Here is the letter. The same letter spoke well of the other republicans on the ballot.

Considering the letter I received today, I will support James Antoniono for Westmoreland County District Attorney in both the primary and general election.

As for the future, my political philosophy has not changed because I am no longer on the committee. I am still a republican.


Anonymous said...

I am a new member of the committee, so I may be a bit naive about the process. When I came on board, I asked another member if we always had to endorse Republicans--the response was no. I will never automatically vote the straight party line, I thought we had more sense than that. Should I submit my resignation letter now instead of waiting to be kicked off?

Perry Christopher said...

You can vote for anyone you want. You just can't publicly support a democrat. Unless they gave you a copy of the by-laws, they can't assume you know this.