Monday, May 4, 2009

Pat Toomey endorsement

My endorsement of Pat Toomey was in a Specter/Toomey primary. As of right now, I endorse no one in the GOP primary. I am going to wait and see who else runs. I can think of several other candidates that I would favor above Specter. And yes, Tom Ridge would be one.

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Anonymous said...

Ridge sounds great! Where do we sign up? How did you like the Kukovich announcement? Let me get this right. He stepped down from an appointed post by Rendell as the Director of the Southwestern Regional Governor's office to work on a $2 million project where Alan travels around Southwest PA asking residents what they think? Good God, another waste of money no matter who's pocket it comes from. The FoodBank is in dire straits and someone is paying Mr. Kukovich to roam our neighborhoods asking us what we think? I have a strong feeling we wont be seeing much of him. Most of my neighbors dont hang out in Philly. lol