Monday, August 25, 2008

Why is this the Westmoreland GOP blog anyway?

I thought I should clear this up. When I took over as chairman, there was no website. So, I personally registered a domain and paid for it. I also paid the hosting fees through Yahoo! I never asked for reimbursement because I wanted editorial control. I found out that updating websites is sort of cumbersome. Then, I found blogger. I loved it. You can write anything really fast and publish it. Gets you in trouble sometimes. The official Westmoreland County Republican Committee website never got many hits, but the blog got tons and was free. So, after the last election, I closed the website so I could spend the $20/month on something useful like pepperming white chocolate lattes. I forward the domain here until a new chairman took over.

While I was still chairman and before I endorsed Mike O'Barto, a new "official website of the westmoreland county republican committee" appeared. It was a surprise to me. But that was OK, I had skipped the last meeting to go running. So, it was my fault.

I fully intended to hand over the domain names, but some on the executive committee of the county GOP started talking like I stole the domain names. That wasn't cool. I just had enough ambition to buy them and teach myself how to design a website. I didn't really appreciate the negative accusations. So, I keep it parked here. I am a republican. This is Westmoreland county. So, WestmorelandGOP is an accurate description of content.

If anyone wished, I did purchase other domains which anyone can have:

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