Monday, August 25, 2008

Keb' Mo' at the Palace was awesome

Went to see Robert Cray and Keb' Mo' at the Palace. I have never heard Keb' Mo' before. He stole the show! Hats off to the Palace. They have some great shows. Robert Cray was better in Nashville at the Wildhorse Saloon. Or maybe it was the fact that the waitress there kept bringing me really tall beers to go along with the fried pickles. Also didn't hurt that we were in the front row and staying at a cool hotel without the kids (I love the kids, but I love time with the wife too.)
Almost got in trouble. I said to myself before the show that I was voting for any candidate that was cool enough to be there. I was minding my own business drinking that foreign beer, Budweiser, when I saw a lady wearing a Bompiani button. Well, it was Mrs. Bompiani and while she was very nice and I had just met her husband at my door and my puppy, Samantha, may have puppy nipped his hand and he was very nice about it--a deal is a deal--The actual candidate must be in attendance.

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