Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bono is still the coolest person on earth

Natalie and I went to see U23D. It was awesome!!!!! Bono wore a headband like below and spoke about religions common ground. It was quite interesting.

Here is another blog with a take on it.
At one point, maybe it’s the highest peak of the show, maybe it’s the lowest … Bono blinds himself with a headband that spells COEXIST using the symbols of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. He sings “Father Abraham speak to your sons, tell them NO MORE! MO MORE! MO MORE!” He gets the massive audience chanting with him, then they sing “Sunday, Bloody Sunday,” a song about the religious wars of Ireland.

I hear what he is saying. God gave Abraham a promise that his children would be numbered as the stars in the sky and the sand on the beach. The Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians are all the descendants of Abraham. Bono is saying that we should stop fighting, that we are brothers.

These days European Christians tend to underline different parts of their Bibles than we do. Now, I can be just as creeped out by the neo-commie, blindly Utopian, naively pacifist agenda of the Coexist organization as anyone, but I was encouraged by Bono’s message. I don’t believe that wars will end between the sons of Abraham until Jesus puts an end to them, but it is telling that a Christian is the one calling for peace. It is telling that the biggest pop Christian in the world (50 foot tall by my estimation) is the one calling for peace between the sons of Abraham. The Christians are to be the peacemakers. AMEN LINK

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