Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mike O'Barto switched to the GOP

How did I ever miss this? You all know I have been working at this for a while? As a matter of fact, the reason I endorsed him for state represenative over Mike Reese was because I thought he was going to win. I was then going to work on getting him to switch as a state represenative. I had no idea the PAGOP were going to go all out to elect Mike Reese and that the PA Democratic party was going to do nothing.

So, I lose my committee spot over this. Now, the Chairman of the Westmoreland County Republican Committee had this to say in the Tribune-Review on December 23.
George Dunbar, chairman of the county Republican Committee, said O'Barto recently approached him and several other executive board members about the switch.

"Through our discussions, it was clear that his views are much more in tune with the Republican Party as opposed to the Dems," Dunbar said.

No shit, Sherlock! By the way, I wasn't alone when I sat down with Mike O'Barto discussing his party switch or how to help our GOP candidates. One only has to look at last November's election results to see that this is a move in the best interest of Mike O'Barto.

Who took my committee spot anyway? I will be working for Tom Corbett, Mike Reese, Tim Krieger and Pat Toomey in the next election.


Unknown said...

Wow, how funny I stumble upon this when I was just thinking this morning that Mike was really a conservative and that he should switch parties. I am so glad he did because now I can wholeheartedly support him.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing though, what will O'Barto run for? Newly elected Democrat Supervisor John Mylant just proved you don't have to be a Republican to win in Unity Township. Could O'Barto be taking another run at county commissioner? And if he isn't running for any other office, who cares that he switched parties?

Perry Christopher said...

seems to me...commissioner.