Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Dan Zanes' CD due on May 20th

As you all know, the family loves Dan Zanes' music. We have had endless good times listenting to it. I really think it is cool that Olivia can sing his spanish language songs. His new CD, ¡nueva york!, is going to be entirely in spanish. I wonder if the little kid crowd will be able to get into a cd that is entirely spanish. I hope it is good. Olivia loves him. I hope Dan Zanes and Friends tour returns to southwest Pennsylvania. It was awesome. We bitter Pennsylvanians need to be uplifted by the great time this band of musicians bring with them.

By the way, I am growing tired of McCain distorting what Obama meant by "bitter" I thought his campaign was to be one of issues and not of distorting attacks. I have always been tired of Hillary.

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